Netiquette and Digital Dilemmas in our contemporary era

The early years of 21st century linked people worldwide through digital revolution. This has enabled them to communicate instantly and access wast wealth of information and resources. The newfound ability and ease has challenged many traditional ways of behaviour in social etiquette. The fear, that our digital devices are distracting our population to an alarming extend whilst cutting us off from the real world and face-to-face interactions have been discussed on many occasions. Innovative communication and technology has a major impact on our interactions that are so vital to our well-being. Many feel that living without internet is impossible. The internet encourages social interactions where the anonymity is illusory. We must take a positive action to safeguard our online privacy. The internet is an effective way of channelling and disseminating abuse and for many perpetrators its anonymity and ease facilitate a behaviour they would never contemplate face to face. In the world of communication, it is paramount to adopt good manners when it comes to cellphone etiquette. This indisposable little device can cause a significant offence. From ringtones to phone finesse and text etiquette, one should understand the correct behaviour. If your ring tone embarrasses you in certain situations it is almost certain, that it is a wrong choice. Your ringtone is a public statement about what kind of person you are, be aware of a message you are delivering. You should never leave your phone on the dinner table. Leave it in your pocket or handbag and switch it to a silent mode. If you are awaiting an important call, excuse yourself from the table and leave to another room to take your call. Adopting a common sense in such situations is undoubtedly the best approach. Always think of others and how they feel in the situation. Seeking an advice on what's appropriate is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you would like to learn more on correct social and business interactions and etiquette, perhaps you'd be interested in our Miss Woods Academy Etiquette Program.

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