As contributors to global business, our students need to know how to work within a digitally native workforce, but also understand how to contribute to global businesses that operate in increasing times of uncertainty.


Miss Woods Academy – Entrepreneuress Program will help our students develop the necessary skills needed to tackle these and many other challenges.  


This transformative journey will encourage them to increase their self-awareness and become skilled in their ability to play and the meaningful part when helping to transform and operate their business.  Our students will integrate their learning directly into their venture, helping their business grow or to start on the right foot. 


Because many of our students are already running their own businesses, our program is designed around the entrepreneuress's time constraint. Program is exclusively delivered through our online Learning Management System, to allow enterpreneuresses to run their startup or devote the time to launching it.


During this 24-week program, our students will be taught the componentry pieces of organisational structure, business processes and practices. Our active community and partnerships will allow the students to expand their learning experience and offer opportunities to pitch to investors and build quality relationships for life. 


Upon completion of this program, students will comprehensively understand business-related activities and why organisational context is fundamentally reliant on understanding its internal and external environment. Our students will garner confidence from the knowledge they enquire on this stand-alone or prerequisite program.


Duration: 24 weeks via online delivery


Program cost: upon request


Next Intake: September 2019