Our World leading Business English Program will ensure your success in the world of business and social interaction. Explore the world of language, etiquette and learn the skills required in modern elite society. 


From both a personal and professional level, leadership and great communication skills help develop who we are, how successful we become and how effectively we can motivate those around us. However, to become a more effective and respected leader we must invest our time and effort in achieving this difficult status. History is steeped in leaders who have pioneered change, conquered continents or helped eradicate disease; we hope our students can be added to list.


(1 hour, twice weekly, 4 weeks)


Our Business English course sharpens your English abilities to bring it to a professional level. We cover the four aspects of the English language to strengthen those areas in order for you to be able to navigate a professional work space with ease. Twice weekly for four weeks will allow our qualified teachers to enhance your skills to give you confidence in the work space. 


This program teaches students how to express themselves in all or any social setting or situation. Upon completion of this program, our graduates will be able to consistently express and display the best version of themselves, with confidence and distinction.  


Duration: 4 weeks via online delivery


Program cost: $1050 CAD


Next Intake: June 2021