Do your staff reflect the vision of your company?


As you embrace technology, education and new organizational models to combat new market entrants or ever-evolving competitive foes, don’t forget the foundation of good manners, etiquette and human kindness. It is a cultural norm for many social systems to both expect etiquette or good manners, yet not critique those that fail to use them. Rather, simply stop using their service or goods, has this happen to you, and would you even know if it had?


Miss Woods Academy is proud to present our Polished Professional Program. This program should be considered a mandatory career development experience for any professional that interacts regularly with customers. The following confidence boosting topics will be covered during this two-day program.

Expert tuition and practical hands-on business etiquette training on the following subjects:

  1. Presentation skills.

  2. Social etiquette.

  3. Dining etiquette.

  4. Dress and style etiquette.

  5. Netiquette.


“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot” 

–Clarence Thomas.


An intensive two-day change experience in the heart of Vancouver. This one day program includes a working lunch at one of the top Vancouver private clubs. 

Program cost: $1599 for the day inclusive


The program is delivered in small group settings.

We do offer bespoke one on one service, price upon request. 




Next Dates available:

January, 2020