This program is tailor-made for ladies that wish to experience Vancouver and Victoria whilst upgrading their knowledge on etiquette.  This hands-on program focuses on the beauty of Vancouver whilst gaining skills that advantage in the social arts by building confidence, deportment, self-esteem and learning basics of social etiquette and good manners.


Day 1 - Fine dining etiquette 

Location: Private Club in Vancouver 

Regardless of the situation, professional or personal. Understanding the rules that govern our conduct at the dinner table are an essential must. Furthermore, this knowledge allows a person to interact with ease and confidence that their actions will never be met with laughter or ridicule. During our first day together, we will investigate and enjoy learning basic dining etiquette, culinary and wine knowledge. 


Day 2 - Arts and history of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver 

Vancouver is relatively young when compared to its historic European counterparts. However, Vancouver enjoys many respected art institutions, as an example; Founded in 1931, the Vancouver Art Gallery is recognized as one of North America’s most respected and innovative visual arts institutions. During our second day of learning, we will visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and learn about some of the beautiful and thought-provoking pieces this world renown institution houses on a private tour.


Day 3 - Building your signature look

Location: Private Club in Vancouver

‘Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham 

So, what is your look? We all enjoy the opportunity to reflect our unique personalities, beliefs and desires through the facade of fashion. Moreover, this personal statement can greatly influence the opinions and interactions of others. Accordingly, the foundationally important function of fashion must be continually explored and revisited to ensure you are presenting the best visual version of yourself.


Day 4 - Afternoon tea at the Empress

Location: Empress Victoria

Our experience will start will a privately chartered helicopter flight from Vancouver Harbor to Victoria’s Beautiful Empress Hotel, during our visit we will enjoy afternoon tea and learn its origins and protocols. The iconic Empress opened its doors 110 years ago. Today, Fairmont Empress proudly serves freshly prepared scones and tea pastries to over 80,000 guests per year.


Day 5 - Presenting yourself

Location: Private Club in Vancouver

First impressions do matter! How a person greets another, the manner in which a person presents or conduct themselves will influence the perception others to have of you. And, more importantly how they will treat and except you. During our last day together, we will learn how to achieve the ability to establish a perfect personal lens for others to view you through, furthermore, learn how to leave them will a long-lasting memory that will not fail your personal ambitions. 



We offer private individual training as well as group training. If you wish to book a group please contact us via register@misswoodsacademy.com  

For group programs (8-10), we are able to bespoke the curriculum activities according

to your needs.


If you require an accommodation, we can provide you with a list of our luxury property partners. 



Program Cost: $ 3595.00 CAD

(Lunch and refreshments provided) 



Next available dates: 

January 2020