Women Age 22 To 35 Who Are Looking For A Fulfilling Career, High Paying Job And Exciting Lifestyle With The Ability To Travel And Live In Vancouver Canada.



Your future is waiting for you at Miss Woods Academy.
















Whether you know it or not…


The old model for education and job placement is broken and doesn’t work the way it used to.


It used to be that you could attend University and that would be enough to guarantee you would get a job, but that’s just not the case anymore in 2019. Times have changed.






Did You Know...




close to 50% of University graduates can’t get a job in the career field they went to university for?


Even worse than that... most people in University are getting an outdated education for jobs that won’t even exist in 5 to 10 years from now. So what is the solution?


Well if you're looking for a fulfilling career, high paying job and exciting lifestyle with the ability to travel…


And you want to achieve that within less than one year…


It’s clear that it’s not going to happen for you through attending any University.


And this is WHY the Miss Woods Academy was created. 







If you’re a women around the age of 22 to 35 and you’re tired of being unappreciated, not paid what you’re worth, and you’re frustrated with the lack of opportunity that your current career is not able to provide you… then keep reading. 


Because if you’re unhappy, unfulfilled and lack any real direction or excitement about where your career is leading you… then it’s time to make a change. 


But first, what’s been holding you back from making this change already?


Most women say its…



  • Lack of opportunity

  • Lack of connections or guidance



Maybe you can relate to that. 



The reality is… 


If you want to achieve a high salary… exciting lifestyle… and a fulfilling and rewarding career…


Then the best way to gain the knowledge and skills to achieve that, is by surrounding yourself with someone who already has the results you want. 


As a career professional, research shows, the best way to do this… 


Is by becoming the Executive Assistant to a C-level executive. 









But how does one go about becoming a high paid Executive Assistant? 


Well there’s the conventional way…


Where you see in the movies, someone serves coffee, and runs errands and is basically a low paid work horse hoping that after 5 to 10 years of working hard they get the opportunity to become the executive assistant.


Then there’s the Miss Woods Academy way… 


This is where you accelerate the process, and cultivate the skills, etiquette and knowledge to become a world class executive assistant, whose in high demand. 




At Miss Woods Academy We Create Talent in The Form of Executive Assistants And Then Place That Talent at Prestigious Companies.



The Benefits and Perks of Being Part of The Miss Woods Academy:


You get access directly to your own concierge to help you book special meetings, dinners, parties, travel, and anything else you may need to do in your high paying Executive Assistant job position. 


If your C-Level Executive employer has a question or task that they need you to complete and the responsibility is on you but you don't know the solution; just call your executive coach for guidance, clarity or support.


Imagine having access to the top venues, event space, hotels, restaurants and more... All at your fingertips. This is what your luxury booking service allows you to have access directly to for you and that of which your C-level executive employers business accommodations may require. 


Something that even the most prestigious universities don't guarantee their graduates...However, at Miss Woods Academy, we guarantee our graduates job placement at a wide variety of high paying companies seeking for 




At Miss Woods Academy you will also learn how to do your makeup from some of the top stylists in the world. This way you always can look and feel your best, while being your most confident self. 


Miss Woods Academy is where women go to become their best skilled, best looking and most confident selves. Allowing them to get the most sought after, highest paid roles as an executive assistant to a C-Level executive.



This Is For You If You Want...


  • An exciting lifestyle and fulfilling career that gets you excited to wake upeveryday

  • To finally get paid what you’re worth 

  • Access to top stylists and makeup artists so you always look and feel your best

  • Your own personal nutrition and fitness coach to stay in great shape

  • Relocate and live in Vancouver Canada (with future opportunities in London, NY and LA)



If you are accepted into the Miss Woods Academy and you successfully complete the Elite Program you will be guaranteed job placement at a variety of high level companies.


Miss Woods Academy has created strategic partnerships with a large network of corporations and recruiting companies that are seeking out employment specifically for trained and certified Miss Woods Academy graduates for executive assistant positions. 



Our leading Business Program is created for those that need to get a real understanding of the world of business. This short comprehensive course covers all areas of modern business.


  • Learn the fundamentals of business 

  • Be prepared to assist your C-level Employer on any task

  • Know what questions to ask and what numbers matter most in business

  • Understand multiple different industries and business models



Our foundational on-line program will introduce all the functional components of business, allowing students to establish comprehensive knowledge surrounding each business element, mechanism and how they integrate. 


Post education, graduates will be able to confidently converse with colleagues, managers and prospective customers. 


Furthermore, they will be able to apply objective opinions regarding different business models and approaches. Miss Woods Academy

recognizes that successful careers start with a functional understanding and comprehensive knowledge of an organizations internal and external business environment. 


From this foundation, the opportunities are limitless and the possibilities unparalleled. You will also learn about...



Our comprehensive Etiquette Program will ensure your success in the world of business and social interaction. Explore the world of etiquette and learn the skills required in the modern elite society. 



  • Be able to adapt to any situation you're in (from black tie events to galas)

  • Learn traditional and modern etiquette and leadership

  • Understand the fundamentals of etiquette

  • Learn how to hold yourself with strong stature and confidence 



Our leading Etiquette Program will ensure your success in the world of business and social interaction. 


Our etiquette program introduces traditional etiquette, modern etiquette and leadership, together, into a convenient in-class experience. 


Students will be able to explore how the marriage of traditional and contemporary protocol can enhance a person’s appearance in our technologically evolving society. 


Successful graduates will be able to navigate challenges and opportunities with prestige and stature, drawing confidence from knowing how to emerge as situationally competent leaders.


Our modern job market requires candidates to differentiate themselves above others. Etiquette and leadership qualities achieve this competitive endeavor.



If you’re committed to investing in yourself and your career through Miss Woods Academy, which guarantees you a high paying job, you can apply below. 




There is an investment to enroll in the Miss Woods Academy. If the idea of investing in yourself, your education and your future success is not something you’re willing to do, please do not apply. Miss Woods Academy is very strict on who is qualified and accepted. 


The New Era of Education and Job Placement



The old way people invested in their education to get a high paying job has changed. Below you can see the difference between the old model and the new model. 



If you’re committed to investing in yourself and your education through the Miss Woods Academy which guarantees you a high paying job you can apply below before enrollment ends, May 2019. 





Miss Woods Academy is a prestigious educational institution based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully educate and place our students within senior roles with some of Canada’s largest organizations.

Our programs expose our students to the foundational topics of business

competency, leadership and etiquette. 


Preparing them with the skills, techniques and knowledge required to achieve sustained career success and advancement. The teaching techniques and learning material are based on contemporary best practices and created by industry leading practitioners, ensuring that our course deliverables are relevant and designed to provide our students with a competitive edge, ready to enter their professional career.


Our aim is to support and encourage you in achieving greatness with elegance, prestige and distinction. As a Miss Woods graduate you can be proudly confident with the esteemed reputation we command.

If you’re committed to investing in yourself and your education through the Miss Woods Academy which guarantees you a high paying job you can apply below before enrollment ends, May 2019.