Our highly exclusive and very competitive Miss Woods Elite Program is the combination of etiquette and business.


Miss Woods Academy Elite Program is our pinnacle program that unites the subjects of Business, Leadership and Etiquette together into one program. The first part of our program delivers an international business-oriented curriculum through our online platform, exposing our student to fundament business-related topics, theories and models. We encourage them to comprehensively learn and develop the confidence needed to apply critical thought to these topics and display evidence of conversational competence.



The remaining part of our program is administered in our Vancouver-based academy where students are taught leadership techniques and skills that they can personally adopt and successfully utilize throughout their careers. Lastly, our Elite students are educated in both traditional and contemporary etiquette protocols which are designed to ensure they are fluent in business and cultural norms.


This unique to Miss Woods educational piece is intended to promote unwavering confidence in our student’s future professional performance, allowing them to socially act, converse and work in a professionally elevated manner.

Only offered in London, UK 

Duration: 9 months via combined delivery

(online and in-class)


Program cost: upon request


Admissions: Strictly by selection 


Next Intake: September 2019